Home-Cooked, Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Hassle

November 28, 2019   |  Chompie's


Chompie’s is proud to serve our mouth-watering Turkey Day meal with all the trimmings. Whether you choose to dine in at one of our five conveniently-located restaurants around the Valley or order your meal catered, we’ll make sure your family celebrates Thanksgiving in style. If catering is more your style, you can prepare our exclusive recipes in your own kitchen, with Chompie’s Thanksgiving catering. All our turkeys and trimmings are prepared from scratch the same day as your scheduled pick-up and we provide detailed reheating instructions so you can prepare your meal to be ready to enjoy in about a half-hour.

We offer delicious complete Thanksgiving meal packages, only $249.99, that serve 12-15 generously.

On the menu: delectable white meat roasted turkey breast served with stuffing and cranberry sauce, along with a bevy of side dishes, like mashed potatoes, home-style string beans, candied yams, and freshly-baked rolls. For dessert, your choice of homemade pumpkin or apple pie.


Chompie’s offers one of the Valley’s most reasonable prices for a feast this filling: only $20.99 for adults and $9.99 for kids aged 10 and under.