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Paint, Pray & Wine-Healing Through Arts, Meditation & Fun $25.00 Per Person

Valid on September 29, 2018 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM   |   The Connection A Community Center, Paradise Valley Mall


The Paint, Pray, and Wine Event is a created space to come together and connect with ourselves and others. We will take time to do inner reflection with meditation and relax while sipping wine (which is included in the price!). We then will tap into our creative flow and express on to canvas! It is a evening to connect with friends, significant others, and to make new friends!

***All Art Supplies $ Wine included
***Must be 21 years of age to consume wine with proper ID
***$25 per person-Bring a friend for $40.00 for both

Show up 20 mins early to get your spot and make your payment
Only 20 spots available

All proceeds will be split and go to:

1. The Connection-A Community Center ( &
2. Empower Chinese Orphans with Education
( both 501(c ) 3 organizations in Phoenix Arizona)

Meet Your Facilitator Tina He 419-297-8240

I am Tina, an accomplished architect, artist and national award winner in Architectural Renderings and competition. Drawing and painting has been my first love through out my life. It brings inner joy and
peace from heart to heart , soul to soul.

I am also a divine healing hands soul healer and teacher in training. I would like to share my gifts in arts and meditation with the humanity.

Like my teacher always says, “I have the power to heal myself, you
have the power to heal yourself, together we can heal the world”.

Lastly I always enjoy a glass of good wine with friends and loved ones. It makes life more joyful.

Welcome to my website and gallery. Here you will find house portraits, landscape painting, city skyline sketch, markers, water colors, stadiums, city halls.

I am an architect, Urban Planner and artist. Art is always my first love. As an artist my inspiration is my interaction with people, animals and environment. My art is about across a message from my soul to another, an expression about the beauty of each soul I encounter each day, an encouragement for the people who have a dream to fulfill.

It would be my pleasure to create a special custom made art work for you. It can be your home, your best friends’ home, your favorite stadiums, ice cream shops, colleges where you spent many years, etc.
Feel free to go through my art gallery and on line stores.

Or send me an email:


Paradise Valley Mall


Mon - Sat: 10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM


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