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Pluck: Picking Your Life’s Purpose ( $49. 00 Total-2-Day Program-Part 2- 2hrs)

Valid on September 30, 2018 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The focus of Pluck: Picking Your Life’s Purpose is to make the choices that bring the most meaning and joy to your life. Using the 5P Coaching process, you will become clear on your top priority and create a road map and internal belief system that will take you from creation to completion.

In The 5P Coaching Process, we will:

Plant: Understand your point A (current place in life) and visualize your point B (your desired place in life)

Plan: Identify the fire in your belly and create a road map to achieve the goal

Provide: Connect with others – your goal cannot be small enough to be achieved on your own

Protect: Take an honest look at what’s holding you back on the inside
Proclaim: Believe you are worth the effort it will take to live your life as you see it.

Day 1 – 3 hours
The first half will focus on understanding what vision is and creating your own vision image (board, drawing, etc.).
There will be a short break to refresh yourself.

The second half will focus on identifying the goal with the highest priority and the greatest meaning to you and developing an action plan that outline the key steps you will take to achieve it.

Day 2 – 2 hours
We will focus on identifying key relationships and resources you need to tap into to achieve your goal. We will also look at key behavior patterns, internal messaging systems, and any beliefs or values that you hold that help or hinder your success. We will end with creating a powerful declaration statement that you can stand on as you work to achieve your goal.
*All supplies are provided in cost.

Your facilitator: Mel Shipman

Mel Shipman is the owner of NextLevel Life, LLC in Phoenix, AZ. As a life purpose coach, she has helped women across the country identify and focus on the priorities in life that bring them the most meaning and joy. Through her clarity coaching process, Mel guides her clients from expression of their overall vision to creating a specific and energizing system and roadmap that brings the vision to life. She is currently writing her first book on resilience. Mel has two young children that give her the greatest meaning and purpose, Elijah and Eliana.

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