The Connection A Community Center

The Coaching Circle at The Connection - 5 Different Reflections of You

Valid on September 10, 2018 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Dates: Every Monday from Aug 13th to September 10th 7PM to 8:30 PM

The Coaching Circle at The Connection - 5 Different Reflections of You
The Coaching Circle at The Connection gives an opportunity for individuals to explore their inner world while creating a safe space with a professional life coach. Each week will focus on the various aspects of revealing the parts of self that impacts each person’s daily life.
Come to one or come to All 5 weeks to explore uncovering different reflections of you.
Each week we will be exploring & discovering answers to the questions:
1. Am I standing in my own way? Identifying behaviors that leaves you stuck and unmotivated
2. What is my truth? Understanding why you do what you do
3. What defines me? How words shape your reality
4. Am I ready? The power of embracing the principles of choice
5. Do I have “IT”? Growing in Grace and Gratitude
You will learn:
• To identify what is making you feel stuck
• The power of emotions and feelings and how to navigate toward your happiness
• Why creating accountability and responsibility equals freedom to be you
• 7 effortless steps to effectively communicate- listening and being heard
• How thoughts & words reveal who you really are
• How Grace & Gratitude shifts your perspective for a more joyful life
Benefits of Group Coaching:
1. Connection and community
2. Greater Accountability = Better Results
3. To not feel “Alone in it”
4. Deepen knowledge and accelerate growth= collective wisdom & support
5. Something to look forward to
6. Good return on investment

Cost: Pre-pay all 5 weeks $99.00 in advance here to hold your spot:
Drop-in a class: $30 each class if space available

Meet Your Coach:
Barb Heite is the Founder of Amor De Soi…. Love Your Self Coaching for connection of self and others and the Creative Director of Education at The Connection – A Community Center. Barb has a master’s degree in Human Dynamics, the study of interpersonal relationships, and researches and writes about effective communication. In addition to her formal training Barb has obtained many certifications including mentoring through Mark Earlix, Intuitive Energy Healer, Dr. Ray Lincoln on Temperament Coaching and with Dr. Allen McCray of Personal Impact Coaching. Barb has led groups for many years and has many clients for one-on-one coaching. The testimonials of Barb’s coaching can be found at