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The Connection A Community Center

Dream Boarding - The Power of You-Change Your Focus-Change Your World ($20)

Valid on August 31, 2018 from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Dream Boarding - The Power of You-Change Your Focus-Change Your World ($20)

“What we are today comes from out thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” ~ BUDDHA
Dream Boards are a gentle approach to relaxing the grip of the conscious mind and tap into the sub-conscious mind where our perception of our world is projected from. You will be guided to slow down and tap into the POWER of YOU to imagine, bring into reality, your thoughts of creation through a simple but impactful evening of being curious enough to explore the deeper parts of who you are. This process allows you to dream without limitation where you learn 5 Steps to Stimulate your Conscious for Success using Your Dream Board

Creating a dream board basically forces you to focus. It's less about stuff we want, than it is about who we want to be in this world. It's a way of "checking in" with yourself, and figuring out what your real dreams and desires are. And once you know them and see them pasted clearly before you, your outlook and energy and attention shifts and points you in the right direction so that you can see and accept the opportunities that are meant for you.
Meet your Facilitator:

Barb Heite is the Founder of Synergy Village & Amor De Soi…. Love Your Self Coaching for connection of self and with others. She also volunteers as the Creative Director of Education at The Connection – A Community Center with the Non-profit Group, Loving-Groups. Barb has a master’s degree in Human Dynamics, the study of interpersonal relationships, and researches and writes about effective communication. Barb is the published author of A Beautiful Mess...The Journey to the Universe Within and a contributing author to several other books. Barb also has a pod-cast where she shares information on human dynamics and the connection between us all.

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