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The Connection A Community Center

Introduction to Safe Conversations™ by Sharon Winningham, ULLC ($10)

Valid on August 24, 2018 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

As we turn criticism into CURIOSITY and commit to ZERO NEGATIVITY, SAFETY unfolds and we now have a foundation for a real relationship where CONNECTION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE COME ALIVE.

This class is for anyone who would like to learn to deepen their relationship with a significant other or other important person in their life.

Utilizing the tools we learn in Safe Conversations™ we create deep listening and connection. Giving you an introduction to the dialogues that create connection and compassion, Sharon Winningham and David Clark will share the steps, concepts and theory facilitating you practice a dialogue or two.

Class is $10.00 Per Person - Arrive 10 mins early to pay and get your seats.

David and Sharon are trained facilitators of Safe Conversations™.

Unconditional Loving Life Coach, Teacher, Facilitator Safe Conversations™ by Harville Hendrix

Host: Sharon Winningham, ULLC Founder Loving Groups (