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The Connection A Community Center

Wholehearted Art ~ An intuitive art experience ($10)

Valid on August 18, 2018 from 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Wholehearted Art

Digging deep on your courage to find what lies within!

This is not your usual art class. This is not your preset follow-the-Leader, color-within-the-lines, paint nite. This is a safe place for you to experience your creativity, your inner child, remember how to play and have fun and let go.

A guided meditation to bring a spirit of peace.

Stretching to release tension in our bodies.

Cool music to calm and soothe our soul.

We will play with paint as we watch our fairies and angels reveal themselves on our canvases. Our only goal to enjoy the process and the connection!

Sharing at the end to create connection with each other about your experience.

Wear your paint clothes and bring a square canvas at least 20 in, your favorite paints, images, brushes and tools. The cost is $10 donation to the center and a half gallon of acrylic paint any color. We'll provide the rest.
Saturday 6/16 from 1-2:30 pm.

Your host is Myra Hunter 706-409-6696

Myra is a Georgia Peach, a real southern belle/tomboy, a gypsy with very itchy feet. She has lived in California, Oregon, Indiana and Utah. She became a single mom at 43 and met the most amazing human being, her son who is almost 20. At 45, she realized her dream of studying art and became a teacher. She thanks her granny, Aunt Louise and her mom who taught her to crochet, igniting her passion for color, texture, textiles, and art. Aunt Lou even had a kiln in her basement. Her favorite memories were of granny wrapped around ceramics and sewing, took her to do ceramics with her and gave her a sewing machine, one of her prized possessions. Running a half marathon at 36, getting her degree at 49, and having an amazing son are high lights of her life.

20 years of practicing unconditional love principles; 1.5 years long-distance inclusion in Loving-Groups Community; 6 months immersion here in Phoenix: Healing is top priority for Myra. For her is thrilling to love and support other’s as we see and break free of lies that keep us from a fullness of joy. She loves being a witness, holding space, holding hands and hearts on this wild ride of Life!
Myra is a certified group host for
Myra will bring the joy of art to your heart too!

Arrive 15 mins early to get a good seat and make your donation.

All Donations are tax deductible as we are a non-profit 501 (c) 3.